Collection of diaries and memories of people directly affected by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Continuously updated, the archive is curated by Troyanda Studio and our editorial team. We keep the original texts without editing and, if needed, translate them into English. Please email us if you can help with the translations into English or other languages.

The editorial efforts are supported by a grant, while all the funds collected through fundraising channels are disbursed among the contributors. In most cases, the authors are not journalists or professional writers. Some entries were not written to be read by the public at all but are published with the consent of the contributors, who can choose to remain anonymous.

We distribute compensations equivalent to $100 to authors for a single submission. As the donations come in, these are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

We strive for complete transparency and will be publishing a monthly report of funds received and distributed starting May 1st 2022.

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Project founded by Olga Gaidash, Anna Riabova, Eugene Shimalsky in 2022.
Editorial team: Daša Anosova, Tasya Shpil.
The editorial team does not necessarily share the views of the authors.