Andrey Sendzyuk, Kyiv

The first childhood memory of my father, officially a "child of war", which he shared with me only once — that of the dirty boots of German soldiers on his family’s living room sofa. After the Nazis occupied their city, half of my ancestral home was turned into a German commandant's office, and at some point, when the house became overcrowded with German soldiers, a group of them went into the part of the house where my father's family lived. And there, propping themselves up against the back of the sofa, they put their feet on its seat. These filthy German boots at the level of my underage father's face — his first childhood memory.

Following Katya Lisovenko, however, not as an artistic, but as a moral and ethical gesture, I, the son of a child of war, the grandson of war and disabled veterans — two grandfathers and a grandmother, with the right and duty vested in me by them, deprive the state of “RF” of the moral right of victory over nazism. This state has transfigured the very idea of a sacred fight against nazism, which brought about innumerable victims, into a deplorable bloody pagan cargo cult, desecrating the memory of the war victims and the feat of millions of people, only to justify their war crimes and their crimes against humanity and humaneness. From now on, the state of the "RF" and its people do not possess the right of victory over nazism!

Eternal shame on them!